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lightning essay

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Main IdeaLightning


There are many different dangers of lighting. The most severe lightning injury is a direct strike to ether some one or to an object that the victim is holding such as an umbrella, a golf club or a pole or long metal object. More people die during and from lightning then any other natural disaster such as tornadoes and hurricanes. About 1200 to 1700 people are killed and  severely injured every year due to getting struck by lightning. Lightning can also cause black out and usually kills more then  200 to 700 people a year in the United states


D.    Lightning cause blackouts


E.    It kills more then 200 to 700 people a year in the United States.


1.    Lightning may cause house and property fires


II.     Effects of lightning




A.    On property


1.    Lightning may cause house and property fires


B.    effects on humans


1.    There might be a possibility of   brain damage and major brain injury or possible heart failure.


2.    Transient confusion, paralysis and amnesia are likely to occur after being struck by lightning.


3.    common nervous system injures are a popular injury


4.    Blunt injury and trauma may occur secondary to the shockwave from a lightning strike or from a resulting fall.




C.    Ground current injures the victim when lightning strikes the ground nearby and it spreads to the person.


III.    How to stay safe from lightning.


A.    Avoid water, stay away from doors and windows, Do not use the telephone. Take off head sets turn off and unplug, and stay away from appliances, computers, power tools, & TV sets. Lightning may strike exterior electric and phone lines, inducing shocks to inside equipment.


1.    Suspend outdoor activities for 30 minutes after the last sight of observed lightning.


2.    If struck by lightning  if you are qualified  apply emergency procedures.


3.    Make sure you are familiar with your Emergency Telephone numbers.


B.    If lightning is striking nearby when you are outside, you should:


1.    Crouch down stay close to ground and Put feet together. Place hands over ears to minimize hearing damage from thunder.


2.    Avoid proximity (minimum of 15 ft.) to other people.


C.    IF you are  Outdoors  try to avoid water the high ground, open spaces, all metal objects including electric wires, fences, machinery, motors, power tools, etc. Also avoid Unsafe places include underneath canopies, small picnic or rain shelters, or near trees.


D.    Tall trees, isolated trees and groups of trees, and small, isolated buildings should be avoided, for lightning tends to strike the tallest objects in the area.


E.    It is very important to avoid places previously struck by lightning. It is not true that “lightning never strikes in the same place twice.” Actually, an object once struck by lightning shows itself to be a likely target for another strike.


F.     Avoid being near fireplaces windows and doors even if doors and windows are closed.


G.    The tall  buildings like skyscrapers should be protected by lightning rods.



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